T-Mobile execs started frequenting Trump's hotel in DC right after the Sprint merger announcement


Say what you will about the morals of lobbying the government, but if you need it to approve your mega-merger, and an oligopoly-averse White House to stay out of the way, you do what you think would help.

In T-Mobile's case, its CEO John Legere, and eight other carrier execs, started being frequent guests at the Trump Hotel in Washington D.C. right after the $26 billion merger deal with Sprint was announced, reveals a Washington Post investigation today.

The execs have stayed numerous times since the whole ordeal started and the merger approval is going along nicely, unlike the administration's attitude towards AT&T's proposed deal with Time Warner.

Pressed for comments in the Trump Hotel's lobby, T-Mobile's CEO John Legere just said: "At the moment I am in town for some meetings at the Department of Justice. And it’s very convenient for that." Needless to say, some aren't satisfied with such answers and wonder if any hotel patrons stay there precisely because they think it would help in some way or another when dealing with the government.

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