T-Mobile buttering up yet another BOGO promotion

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T-Mobile buttering up yet another BOGO promotion
With a few new smartphones expected to launch before the end of the month is over, T-Mobile will be buttering up its smartphone attack with a new BOGO promotion that's sure to entice customers. Starting on March 15 and running all the way to March 31, T-Mobile retail stores will be in the full swing of promoting the latest Buy One, Get One free smartphone deal. There are many things to point out so that everyone is clear on what qualifies for this special deal – essentially it'll only be available to new activations only; so no upgrades fall into the mix. Any new customers that signs up for an Even More postpaid plan with a 2 year contract and $30 Unlimited Web feature will be eligible to get a free smartphone that's of equal or lesser value when they activate a second line of service with the required $30 Unlimited Web feature tacked on. The screen shot obtained by TmoNews clearly shows that the upcoming HTC HD2, which is still speculated to be available on March 24, will also be eligible for this limited time promotion – which is a fine catch in itself. It's a good time to be thinking about making the switch to T-Mobile as they are really rolling the ball towards their direction with an impressive lineup of smartphones that's sure to catch the gaze of anyone.

source: TmoNews



1. remixfa

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yea, wrong. The info that came out today says ANY CONTRACT POST PAID be it ELIGIBLE upgrade or NEW LINE can do it. And if you will notice in the screenshot there is 1 non smartphone eligible.. which is the Nokia Nuron. It only requires a $10.00 data plan since its not a full smartphone. You can mix and match any smartphones.. whichever is more expencive is the one u buy ofcourse, the other is free. This bogo is ACTUALLY in the retail stores, unlike the last one.. LOL Sorry, but Flexpay and No contract are not eligible. Of course, No contract UNL everything family plan is 40 bux a month cheaper so unless your buying like 2 HD2's its still almost not a big deal over 2 years, or you just dont have the credit line to do 2 smartphones on the EMP plans.

2. PhoneWar

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