T-Mobile to add another cheap REVVL smartphone to its offering

T-Mobile to add another cheap REVVL smartphone to its offering
T-Mobile has been in the news lately quite a few times, and for the most part, it's only positive stuff. Today we've learned about a brand new device that the US carrier plans to add to its offering very soon.

Those who are familiar with T-Mobile's portfolio, probably know that each year the Un-carrier launched a new REVVL smartphone, cheap devices that can be had for free when adding a new line.

Phonescoop discovered that a new REVVL smartphone has been approved by FCC (Federal Communications Commission). Unlike the current generation REVVLRY devices that are manufactured by Motorola, the upcoming one is called REVVL 4+ and will be made by TCL.

The REVVL 4+ will support both T-Mobile and Sprint networks, but aside from that few other details about the phone are available at the moment. We do know that it will feature NFC (Near Field Communication) and Bluetooth 5.0 support thanks to the FCC filing.

There's one other tiny bit of info that might give us more insight on the REVVL 4+. Apparently, the phone is based on the TCL 10L, which is equipped with a Snapdragon 665 chipset and a big 48-megapixel rear-facing camera.

Since the REVVL 4+ already received the FCC approval, it's just a matter of time before T-Mobile makes it official. The only thing that's still unclear is how much it will cost.


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