T-Mobile G2x is priced at $100 for new customers & $150 for upgrades

T-Mobile G2x is priced at $100 for new customers & $150 for upgrades
If you missed out on scooping up the aggressively priced T-Mobile G2x last week through RadioShack when it was set at $99.99, fear not because it appears that Wirefly is giving the handset the same treatment this week.

Considering that it’s arguably the best Android smartphone that’s gracing Big Magenta’s lineup right now, the $99.99 on-contract pricing it’s being offered to new customers is astoundingly fantastic – and half off to what T-Mobile is asking for. Although upgrades generally do not receive much love from online retailers, existing customers with qualified upgrades are still being given a $50 discount versus the usual pricing – meaning, you’ll only need to shell out $150 for an upgrade.

In a time when other equally respectable smartphones are priced higher than $200, say like the HTC ThunderBolt and Samsung Droid Charge, the asking price that Wirefly is presenting us for it isn’t that bad at all. Luckily, this doesn’t seem to be a one-day sale kind of thing, but rather, it’s probably going to be offered at that price point for the rest of the week.

source: Wirefly

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