Symbian Anna to be available for young and old by the end of August, 10 new Symbian devices coming

Symbian Anna to be available for young and old by the end of August, 10 new Symbian devices coming
Stephen Elop confirmed on stage in Singapore today that the first major update to Symbian^3, called Anna, will be pushed out of the door for all handsets in need of it, like the Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C6-01or Nokia C7 in July. 

New phones will ship with Symbian Anna straight from the factory, of course, but existing handsets might not get the firmware update until the end of August, according to the press release. Not that once Anna is out there won't be custom ways to get it on your phone, but still, it's nicer to get the official stuff. We also know that the camera-centric Nokia N8 will be getting a special Symbian Anna version that will officially introduce 30fps and continuous autofocus to the handset, as Nokia's camera guru Damian Dinning intended.

Future versions of Symbian are all supposed to carry women's names, and be alphabetical, i.e. this one is Anna, the next one, which should be arriving October/November is dubbed Belle, and so on. For Symbian Belle Nokia UK said that if you like Android, you'll like this one too - from what we've seen so far, it has back, search and context menu buttons just like Google's OS, but we don't have many details on how exactly the notifications are handled.

Nokia also reiterated its commitment to Symbian, saying that in the next 12 months we will be seeing not less than 10 new devices with Symbian onboard, so there will be enough bread left in the platform for developers, especially considering the prices of the applications in Ovi Store.

source: Nokia



1. gammaSharma unregistered

Nokia is coming back in a very back way. Hope the meGo is good enough. If only nokia can adopt Android too.

2. Lucas777

Posts: 2137; Member since: Jan 06, 2011

they have wp7... why nokia do u give us symbian when u have wp7 and meego...

3. c7 symbian. unregistered

personally i think therevis nothing.wrong with symbian i mean all the the bas things that people point out on symbian are liveable..... i mean you knoww i think symbian is good. theres not a whole lot of thing that android or iphone can do that symbian cant do..... and speed....... if i put it in seconds, android and iphone is just maybe a second or two faster than symbian, its not a big deal... you know, and the browser, alot of people complain about it, theres opera in ovi store. its far kore smooth and faster. ohhh..... and the keyboard too... theres vlingo you can download in ovi store, just say and it'll do it for you, way faster than typing or anything. Theres ndesk app to make youre ui look like an iphone and spb shell to make it look like and android! you know, i mean its 2011 who uses a keyboard now just download vlingo and just say what you want your phone to do! you know.....

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