Survey: iPhone users more likely than Android users to upgrade their smartphone once every two years

A new survey conducted by Gallup reveals that the two-year update rule is still enforced in the US smartphone market, while only a very small percentage of smartphone owners update to newer models as soon as they are available.

The study finds that iPhone users are more likely than Android users to replace their handsets as soon as their carrier allows it, which is usually once every two years. The survey reveals that, across the United States, 51% of iPhone users and 40% of Android users fall into this category.

The remainder 47% of iPhone users and 58% of Android users update their smartphones only when their current device stops working or becomes completely obsolete.

According to the poll results, just 2 percent of all smartphone users in the US replace their devices as soon as a newer model is available. This statistic is the same for both Android and iOS. The few of you who fall in this category might want to check T-Mobile's Jump program, one that allows you to upgrade your handset up to three times each year for $15 extra per month.

Gallup says that these results are based on a total pool of 8,234 iPhone users and 6,072 Android users, with samples being weighted to be representative of the US adult population based as per the 2012 Current Population Survey.

How often do you update your handset? Drop us a comment in the section below and let us know if these results make sense to you!

source: Gallup via Forbes



1. gaming64 unregistered

I only upgrade when Apple ends support on my iPhone 5, or if my budget can handle an upgrade.

11. j2001m

Posts: 3061; Member since: Apr 28, 2014

I think they need to ask Apple users and Samsung users

22. Finalflash

Posts: 4063; Member since: Jul 23, 2013

No they don't, it is quite simple. Every year Apple releases a new version of iOS which cripples phones from 2 years ago while adding 0 new features to it. This forces the typical iOS to either upgrade or go into a state of cognitive dissonance about how much they love timely updates that cripple their phones.

24. neela_akaash

Posts: 1239; Member since: Aug 05, 2014

So the Android users are satisfied with their device for a longer period of time. That describes that Apple users can't handle the irritating IOS for long time.... yup i agree with that.

29. jaytai0106

Posts: 1888; Member since: Mar 30, 2011

I think the logic here is that there are low, mid, and high end of android phone users and depends on what their needs are out of a phone. I feel most low and some mid end phone users really don't care about what phone they have. Therefore, they will hold onto their phone as long as they can. With iPhone, you have high end and... high end phones. Beside, I have seem so many iPhone 5 don't hold its charge anymore after one to one and a half year which forces users to get a new phone when their contract is up.

48. marorun

Posts: 5029; Member since: Mar 30, 2015

Thats thanks to subpar battery quality and in a way forcing ppl to update ios.

67. sgodsell

Posts: 7365; Member since: Mar 16, 2013

Wow, you are really brain washed, and will believe what ever Apple tells you is high end. So you probably think the current iPhone 6 is high end, with that mid range display and a resolution of 1334x750, dual core 1.3 GHz CPU, 1 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of storage. I had a flagship like that back in 2011. But its nice to Apple start to catch up. Today smart phones with specs like that in the Android world are considered mid - low range, and definitely not high end.

78. benzb

Posts: 81; Member since: Jan 19, 2012

It's not all about Specs. My iPhone 6 plus (with a single core processor) is way faster than my Galaxy Note 4 (with a quad core processor). Android has fragmentation issues and software incompatibilities which impairs performance. All the apps made in Apples Apple Store were made specifically for iPhones and tend to run better on them. That's also why they don't freeze or have nearly as much software issues as Android phones so. If you want to argue phone capabilities and features though, The Note 4 kills the iPhone 6+

81. sgodsell

Posts: 7365; Member since: Mar 16, 2013

"All the apps made in Apples Apple Store were made specifically for iPhones and tend to run better on them." First of all Apple only has a few devices, period. The apps on Apples store are compiled and optimized for Apple ARM hardware only which is 100% true. Now Apple came out with Apple Swift so its iOS developers would start to make Swift apps instead of the traditional compiled apps just for iOS devices only. Why? Because Apple would like its iOS developers to take the same apps and use them on their Macs (OS/X) as well (iOS). This is where Swift is slow as a dog. Also did you notice that Swift has some similarities to Android. Swift has a low level Virtual Machine (LLVM), which is similar to Android's Dalvik or now Art (VM). Apple would love all of its developers to start making Swift apps. However Apples own hardware is not up to snuff. I guess that is why there is leaks of Apple going with 2 GB of ram and a faster processor. The thing is Apple is really trying to start out again and build up a brand new ecosystem of Swift apps that can run on both OS/X and iOS devices. This is where Android has the advantage. It's ecosystem is already device agnostic. That is why you see the vast majority of Android apps work on all kinds of ARM processors, MIPS, and x86 (Intel, and AMD) processors. Even Microsoft is getting in the game with their Universal apps. So its new ecosystem won't be tied to any hardware. This is the way of the future, and Android currently has the jump on everybody. Apple has the Swift language and the runtime now. But lacks the hardware to back it up fully. Not to mention Apple doesn't even have a Swift ecosystem yet. This is 100% a fact. As far as apps freeze, I have seen Apps die on both platforms

38. jroc74

Posts: 6023; Member since: Dec 30, 2010

lol..this is why its hard to tell who to believe. Its such a contradiction. Article about 99% of Apple users satisifed with their phone yesterday...then this about how they upgrade more often than Android users... Which one is it?

43. neela_akaash

Posts: 1239; Member since: Aug 05, 2014

Just believe.......... in your inner instincts..

49. marorun

Posts: 5029; Member since: Mar 30, 2015

Both. They are satisfied to pay for nothing. Leave them be! lol

26. Ninetysix

Posts: 2964; Member since: Oct 08, 2012

Hiya Finalflash. Please list some things that got cripped on the iPhone 5 when iOS8 was released. What's going to break on the 5S on iOS9 release day? TY.

34. jaytai0106

Posts: 1888; Member since: Mar 30, 2011

FinalFlash is talking about iPhone 5. Those articles talking about 4 and 4S. Beside, even without the newest iOS, iPhone 4 and up still function just fine. But batteries might be a different story for them.

36. Ordinary

Posts: 2454; Member since: Apr 23, 2015

I owned 4s and 4 and it was bad as hell after ios8, iphone 4 also lags like hell on ios7 but i jailbreak it and took care of that.

42. Ninetysix

Posts: 2964; Member since: Oct 08, 2012

How old was your 4/4S when iOS8 was released?

44. Ordinary

Posts: 2454; Member since: Apr 23, 2015

3 years

65. MrElectrifyer

Posts: 3960; Member since: Oct 21, 2014

My HP Laptop is 8 years now (friend I sold it to is still enjoying it while going through college), and Windows 8.1.1 runs faster on it than Vista it came with. Android Lollipop runs smooth and fast on the Galaxy S2 (, and Galaxy S (, despite still offering way more functions/uses than ANY iOS version ever released. Hardware age is no excuse for garbage OS programming. That's just Apple's planned obsolescence to milk their blind iSheeps...sadly, those sheeps keep spoiling Apple the more they bend over for Apple's outdated s**t selling at premium price, and it's not getting any slower.

33. Finalflash

Posts: 4063; Member since: Jul 23, 2013

lol, buggy as hell, battery is terrible even more so than before, laggy/stuttery, home/power buttons probably don't function for a lot of people, all based on forums on Apple following sites. Seriously, go read them yourself.

50. marorun

Posts: 5029; Member since: Mar 30, 2015 Read mr Apple sheep this is only part of the problem experienced by various iphone/ipad and ipod model from older to newer.

51. Ninetysix

Posts: 2964; Member since: Oct 08, 2012

Now can you list why the 40% of Android users are upgrading?

53. marorun

Posts: 5029; Member since: Mar 30, 2015

Because contract is over and Android are lower priced so both of those are reason enuf to upgrades. When you have a mid end android phone and thats your contract is over... you get the new phone at 0$ on a new contract with same plan.. Nothing lost just gain. There is part thats change because of bad experience with one OEM so they switch to another OEM ( they have thats choice on android and still keep all the purchase they did ) Happy?

55. Ninetysix

Posts: 2964; Member since: Oct 08, 2012

Only applies to Android right because that's your mobile platform choice? Time to learn something new! Did you know that you can get a mid end iOS phone for Free? That's right, free! $0 if you renew your contract...Nothing lost just gain.

62. Finalflash

Posts: 4063; Member since: Jul 23, 2013

Yea but it is already crippled. Who wants to get a new crippled phone? The Android ones, even the mid range phones won't lag at all compared to a 4/4s/5 on iOS 8. Plus you get more storage than 8GB most of the time which isn't possible with Apple "mid rangers".

63. Slammer

Posts: 1515; Member since: Jun 03, 2010

There is really not much to ask them. Most of my friends were recently still on the Samsung G3 or other older Android phones due to having been able to sustain great web browsing, camera photos and larger screens while Apple was still teasing their customers. There was simply no reason to upgrade. This is nothing new. As an ex-Apple user for 11years, I found the marketing was far more impressive than the products they offered. Not saying they were bad, just saying that there is definitely life after Apple. John B.

68. iLovesarcasm

Posts: 589; Member since: Oct 20, 2014

No reason to upgrade for an iPhone, they are all the same.

2. TyrionLannister unregistered

I upgrade my phone when it starts to lag, the battery goes to utter crap and updates stop coming, i.e. about 2-2.5 years for flagships and 1 year for a midrange device.

5. Kary1

Posts: 300; Member since: Jun 26, 2015

That's another thing--not impossible, but still harder to replace a battery on an Apple product than many of the most popular Androids from the past.

3. ajac09

Posts: 1482; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

No shock. To get new features 9 times out of 10 apple users have to upgrade their phones. While android users just go to the playstore.

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