Surface RT screen not sharper than the new iPad, says screen guru, Surface Pro might have a shot

Surface RT screen not sharper than the new iPad, says screen guru, Surface Pro might have a shot
A Microsoft head of research claimed the other day during comments about the "making of" Surface video, that its display is on par with the new iPad's "Resolutionary" unit, despite the much lower pixel density.

His premise was that the reflectance ratio of the Surface tablet is smaller, plus it uses the patented ClearType font drawings, while higher reflectance affects contrast and perceived resolution when light is falling directly on the screen, like he demonstrated: “Doing a side by side with the new iPad in a consistently lit room, we have had many people see more detail on Surface RT than on the iPad with more resolution.

Everyone's favorite display guru Dr Raymond Soneira from DisplayMate, however, expressed its doubts about those claims, as he compared an Asus netbook with ClearType and the Surface's resolution, to the new iPad, and an iPad 2. He concluded that the netbook was “significantly sharper” than the iPad 2, but “significantly less sharp” than the new iPad′s "Resolutionary" screen.

Dr Soneira, however, mentioned that while the Surface RT tablet might not be up to par with the 3rd iPad generation screen, the 1920x1080 display on the Surface Pro with ClearType might have a clearer shot at the clarity crown:




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Apple does use the very best when it comes to hardware, xcept stereo sound and call clarity.™®©

10. Seymur unregistered

Are you wendy?™®©

2. PhenomFaz

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Its not about the screens only, come Novemebr Surface will start flying off the shelves no matter what because you just simply can't go wrong with Windows! The world uses Windows for now, they need it and they'll buy it! Period! And what are people going to do with 3rd gen iPad's display? Like it like an ice-lolly??? They way I see it iPad may have the sharper display but Windows RT with its productivity suite or Surface Pro with full desktop/laptop functionality will boot out any tablet it is compared with because its a full-fledged Windows operating system. Its a computer and you cant compare any tablet iPad or other to the Surface Pro because its just less of a device


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The commercial users use Windows, companies like Oracle and smart Techy inteligent users use " LINUX" ©®™

5. eisenbricher

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That's mostly on server side, dude. Because creating and using VMs is super easy with Linux. But the End user always prefer Windows, where the majority of market is.

6. PhenomFaz

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As i too am from the IT consultancy I agree with you but add to that the consumer still uses windows not to mention a lot of SMEs use Windows Server ecosystem because its familiar and easier to sustain. Major corporations all use Linux and Oracle but MS offers great packages not to mention a complete one-stop-shop ecosystem for companies hence small and medium companies which form the bulk of registered companies in a country use Windows And I dont get it why are people thumbing me down instead of presenting reason? Huh PA I am gettin tired of fanboyS. I am not a Windows fan but I just stated obvious facts based on trends

9. Non_Sequitur

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I would agree with you on this, I love Linux, but it doesn't have as many programs as Windows. And I don't mean a little less, like iOS vs Android or Mac vs Windows. I mean a LOT less. For this reason, I always choose Windows for its powerful foundation and incredible compatibility.

4. pokharkarsaga

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whatever operating system u use,the more ppi in a display, the more is the sharpness with crisp clarity.u cant deny it.

8. Joshing4fun

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Not true. There are many other factors such as reflectance and pixel layout like RGB to name a couple.

17. yajia1

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Yeah. S3's crappy RBGG layout is a pain in the eyes. And it turns everything bluishgreen.

7. StreetNerd

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Who cares......

11. Whodaboss

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I think Michael H. just wrote an article three days ago reporting Microsoft’s applied sciences department manager claims the iPad ""Retina" display of the new iPad actually hinders readability." And provided the reason why. I'll take the Surface screen any day!

12. som

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What company made Surface tablets?

13. drahmad

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microsoft itself. :p

15. lubba

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Interested in one?

14. ogy_dogy

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Ipad has a higher resolution no denying it, but for me personally thats the least inportant part, i prefer function over form, and thats why i will go for the surface...

16. lubba

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never mentioned if it's worse than the iPad 3 nor does make any comparison against it. Unless I'm not Reading right. So I say failed critic.

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