Supposed OPPO Find 9a pops up on AnTuTu

Supposed OPPO Find 9a pops up on AnTuTu
OPPO's Find series holds a special place in fans' hearts, but, unfortunately, the line hasn't been refreshed for more than 2 years now, as the last entries were the OPPO Find 7 and Find 7a. However, we have been hearing lots of reports about an upcoming Find 9, which has, reportedly, been a long time in the making, and even had to pause for a few months to wait for the Snapdragon 820 processor to become available.

The last time we heard about the Find 9 was on April the 1st — the handset had popped up on GFXBench, with a code name of X9009, revealing that it has a 5.5-inch, 1080 x 1920 pixel display, the aforementioned Snapdragon 820, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage, and the rather weird combination of a 12 MP main camera and a 16 MP selfie snapper, as well as an Android 5.1 build of is OS. It's a bit weird, but we are not yet willing to pass it by as an April Fool's prank – the OS build back then could've been installed on the phone for test purposes only, and we aren't willing to scratch out the possibility that OPPO may have chosen a rather unorthodox camera combination — we've seen the company experiment with weird things before.

Today, a new leak shows us the AnTuTu listing for a lower-spec'd model, code-named X9007. This one still has the Snapdragon 820, but 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage, a much more orthodox 16 MP / 4 MP camera combo, and Android 6.0 on board. Unfortunately, we don't get to see a test score.

Now, this could easily be a Find 9a. Back in 2014, the OPPO Find 7a was pretty much a copy of the Find 7, but with less RAM, less storage, and a 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution (the Find 7 had a QHD display). This is very similar to the differences between the X9009 and X9007 that we see listed on those two benchmark services.

For now, there are no solid rumors on when we might see the Find 9 unveiled, nor on how it might look. The only thing we have at this point, aside from the benchmark listings, is this rather sketchy render.

source: GizmoChina



1. skyline88

Posts: 700; Member since: Jul 15, 2013

used to be budget-friendly, until it figured out that it needs to be overpriced just like Vivo and Huawei.

2. ibend

Posts: 6747; Member since: Sep 30, 2014

and somehow they survive with that pricetag, they even find their place on top 5 smartphone manufacturer :-/

3. GrimJow

Posts: 27; Member since: Mar 24, 2016

First pic says Qualcomm, while on the second one we see a MediaTek, wait what?

4. najib1312

Posts: 155; Member since: May 08, 2013

Oppo Find 7a was such a BIG HIT in Malaysia, particularly famous for its cameras (both front and rear). It was priced at a reasonable $360. I'm surprised it took Oppo more than 2 years to come up with a sequel. But the success of that Find 7a has led them to significantly boost their pricing......their F1 plus is priced at ridiculous $500, and it runs a MTK P10 processor! So, I wonder how uch they gonna ask for their Find series...

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