Study finds that women are more likely to snoop on text messages than men

Study finds that women are more likely to snoop on text messages than men
It's not uncommon for people to start having some clouded thoughts when they suspect their significant other cheating, but there is a new study that finds women becoming a bit more engaging than men when it comes to snooping around. There was a study conducted on 920 middle aged couples which provided some interesting results when it came down to the habits of checking text messages, browser histories, and emails when they suspect the other of cheating. Approximately 13 percent of the women polled said that they check out their husband's text messages, 10 percent look at their browser history, and 14 percent check their emails. On the flip side, the study found that 6 percent of men looked at their spouse's text messages, 7 percent snoop their browsing history, and a meager 6 percent check out emails. Ellen Helsper, co-author of the study said, “This contrasts with general research that suggests the women are less technologically skilled than men. It seems that they are able to overcome these barriers when they feel that their relationship is at stake.”

source: NY Daily News via Textually


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