Do you stream music from your phone to the car audio?


All but the most basic trims of new vehicles on dealers' lots are now equipped with Bluetooth connectivity or phone docks allowing you, among other things, to stream music or other audio to the sound or multimedia systems in your car.

Given the proliferation of tune subscription services like Spotify or Apple Music and even the good ol' YouTube, we are all now hooked to audio consumption on our handsets. The plus sides, if you do it in your vehicle, are that you take advantage of your powerful car stereo, and can use the phone as a sort of an ultra-comfortable for navigation remote.

This explains the smorgasbord of aftermarket options to add Bluetooth connectivity to older cars, too, be they new head units, FM transmitters, audio jack or CD changer adapters, or whole multimedia units complete with large displays and all. This is why we wanted to ask you if you stream music from your phone to the car audio, whether you have the option as stock, or have an aftermarket solution.

Do you stream music from your phone to the car audio?

Yes, very often

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