Storage capacity doubles thanks to SanDisk's 64GB iNAND embedded flash memory

Storage capacity doubles thanks to SanDisk's 64GB iNAND embedded flash memory
Just like with everything over time, technology will continue to advance and cause our devices to become more packed with intricate pieces of hardware. The modern smartphones require an unquenchable amount of raw power to sustain the ever growing insatiable appetite for memory. That's why SanDisk is continuing their efforts in the mobile space by announcing its latest MLC NAND chip which has four times the capacity of its 16GB modules that were offered just two years ago. There's a lot of stuff that is required in accomplishing this new feat, but it looks like the 64GB 32nm silicon flash drive is exactly the same as its older counterpart found in the X3 flash technology – essentially “innovations in flash management” allows each cell to hold three bits which can be used for boot, system code, and mass storage functions. In the end, they will be specifically designed for all of the advanced smartphones out there – providing a high capacity and reliable storage in a power-efficient package that has a relatively small footprint.

source: Business Wire via Engadget



1. scorpio85

Posts: 160; Member since: Jan 16, 2010

I feel like a old man seeing something like this knowing that I cant even fill my 8gb unless there are movies in there.

2. Kiltlifter

Posts: 742; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

Well, if/when the standard camera on a phone is 8+mp (like say 12). It would only take a few 100 pix to use up a lot of space. If mobile gaming takes off more than it has, someone could have 2-3 gb used up for for a game or application. I could see it being used, but only super crazy people with 100 movies and 100000 songs on the card would fill it. I would get it just to have it... lol, but like you, i only have 3.8gb of my 8gb card being used right now.

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