Steve Wozniak says opening movie scene in jOBS was made up

Steve Wozniak says opening movie scene in jOBS was made up
The opening scene of the upcoming movie jOBS shows Steve Jobs (Ashton Kutcher) and Steve Wozniak (Josh Gad) in a parking lot discussing the future of the desktop computer. While Jobs is ecstatic about the idea of no more mainframes, the dialogue makes it sound as though it was "The Woz" that hadn't a clue to the possible value of what he had built. Steve Wozniak appears in the scene to have built his box as a hobby, saying that "Nobody wants to buy a computer. Nobody."
Great stuff, except for one thing. It is all made up. That comes from no closer a source than Steve Wozniak himself who said that the personalities are wrong and that it was he who knew the worth of the PC thanks to his involvement with the Homebrew Computer Club which Jobs did not attend. If the very first scene of the movie is shot down by someone who lived the events, we wonder how the Sculley years at Apple will be depicted.

source: YouTube, Gizmodo via EntertainmentWeekly


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