Steve Jobs reached out to Samsung in July 2010 about the Galaxy phones, says Apple's patent attorney

Steve Jobs reached out to Samsung in July 2010 about the Galaxy phones, says Apple's patent attorney
Out of the Australian court proceedings in the Apple-Samsung dispute comes this little nugget of information - that in July of last year Steve Jobs himself had reached out to Samsung to inquire about the Galaxy S smartphone and try to mediate a settlement.

His renowned persuasive skills obviously didn't impress Samsung's representatives, and he apparently gave the green light for Apple's attorneys to start the epic patent infringement war we are knee-deep in at the moment.

These revelations come courtesy of Richard Lutton, who is a high-ranking director at Apple and its patent attorney. He also said that once the patent infringement talks between Apple and Samsung began, Steve ceased his involvement and left it to his legal department. 

While responding to questions by Samsung's lawyer David Catterns, Mr Lutton noted that Steve Jobs's involvement was a simple courtesy call: “Samsung is an important supplier with whom we have a deep relationship. We wanted to give them a chance to do the right thing.

source: Bloomberg



1. hunted

Posts: 403; Member since: Sep 21, 2011

so does this mean apple is right?

4. superguy

Posts: 465; Member since: Jul 15, 2011

No. It's only the "right thing" from Apple's perspective. Clearly Sammy saw it as an extortion attempt and told Apple to go to hell. Knowing Apple, it was probably "our way or the highway." Samsung probably would have been willing to negotiate a fair agreement, but given Apple's track record, I don't think that's what happened.

9. Telecom unregistered

These are all your speculations.

12. C'mon unregistered

Why all this non-sense? Just start making your own phones. I make my own phones, I could successfully make 4 phones from off the shelf components. It is not that hard. I installed Android on two of them. Well the other two, you won't believe me what I did with them. They are really powerful(bulky though).

13. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

concidering apple has a history of "my way" attitudes and stances, its probably not far off.

18. 530gemini

Posts: 2198; Member since: Sep 09, 2010

@telecom. That's how android fanboys are. Their speculations are to be accepted as facts, lol.

26. superguy

Posts: 465; Member since: Jul 15, 2011

You mean like all the Apple fans calling Sammy thieves? That speculation?

22. 530gemini

Posts: 2198; Member since: Sep 09, 2010

@superguy. Yes, Samsung told Apple to go to hell, and that is why they're now negotiating a deal with Apple :) You are so smart :)

25. superguy

Posts: 465; Member since: Jul 15, 2011

Samsung has Apple on some patents too, so it wouldn't surprise me if there is talk of cross licensing. However, Sammy may be losing more money by not being able to sell the Galaxy than it is to pay Apple, so even if Apple is being a patent troll, it may be the cheaper of two options. Also given that Samsung is trying to get iPhone 5 banned as well and if they think they have a shot, it might be worth bringing Apple to the table to get the madness to stop. We'll have to see.

2. NeXoS

Posts: 292; Member since: May 03, 2011

Stever Jobs: Samsung, you know the USPTO granted us the patent on the Rectangle don't you? Samsung: Stick iT up your arse, we'll see you in court!

28. AppleFUD unregistered

yeah, kind of like when Steve called the CEO of Sun Microsystems and tried to say their glass 3D project had some of apple's Mac IP. . . and he replied to Steve that pages and impress have a lot of IP from an old Sun Microsystems project. . . Steve shut up and never said another word. In other words, Jobs will try to pull this S#@T whenever he can and he knows full well where he's stealing the ideas for apple's devices and programs.

31. Lucas777

Posts: 2137; Member since: Jan 06, 2011

haha and look whos winnning… this just proves apple was just…. and samsung is naive

3. Bob unregistered

Thumbs up for Steve Jobs is an intellectual and thumbs down for the opposite.

5. NeXoS

Posts: 292; Member since: May 03, 2011

It's not "intellectual" to patent other people's ideas, it's called, "stealing."

10. InspectorGadget80 unregistered

Apple also steal names as well iCloud.

19. 530gemini

Posts: 2198; Member since: Sep 09, 2010

@nexos. It's not stealing until proven guilty in the court. But it's hating and misjudgement when someone calls somebody a thief when they've not been proven guilty.

27. AppleFUD unregistered

You do know that apple has lost many a case in court for stealing IP, don't you?

6. bobfreking55

Posts: 866; Member since: Jul 15, 2011

I thumbed you up, but he used his intellect for the worse. Competition pressure makes better products!

7. som

Posts: 768; Member since: Nov 10, 2009

Patent Wars must never existed on earth let the copycat alive, Apple didn't invented anything they copied from other improved it and filed Patent for it.

36. Ivan6479

Posts: 250; Member since: Jun 26, 2011

So very true!! I love how Apple just got denied on trying to patent the term multi-touch. I mean seriously they want to patent everything they can and its a joy to hear the USPTO put the smack down on their ass. LOL

8. LOLapplethecrapplenotsnapple unregistered

Remember these patents are the look of a shiney rectangle, being able to access a phonebook by touch, scrolling from side to side, etc...Im 99% sure ALL of these things were done on other devices before the iPhone. If they win any of these lawsuits and Samsung loses the "3g" patent they own then you know the American Government is UBER corrupt (like we didnt already know), Protect the US company and stop the overseas companies...Seems pretty American-y to do... -LegAmuffin!

11. jacko unregistered

Steve Jobs: samsung stop sell devices better then ours coz ours is magical and revolutionary Samsung: well make better devices with better specs Steve Jobs: hell no the isuckers would buy my s**t if i called it magical and revolutionary are you going to stop selling we losing market share Samsung: NO Steve Jobs:see you in court coz no else can have better stuff then us Samsung: see you there

14. Penny

Posts: 1860; Member since: Feb 04, 2011

Well, given this information, I have to say that it greatly reduces my negative outlook on the way Apple has been behaving in these patent wars. They did try to come to an agreement before proceeding in court, which is what a company should do. Although I'd still prefer Apple going to court to sue for licensing fees, not for the ban of the offending company's products. That being said, I am still firmly opposed to being awarded patents for UI and design...

15. gallitoking

Posts: 4721; Member since: May 17, 2011

like expected excuses from androids.. btw.. Samsung is losing.. ok...

20. 530gemini

Posts: 2198; Member since: Sep 09, 2010

@gallitoking. You're wrong. Android fanboys' perspective is, Apple loses when they win in court, and android wins even if they lost in court. That's how fucked up android fanboys' mentality are, lol.

16. andro.

Posts: 1999; Member since: Sep 16, 2011

He reached out and said "if your dare sell a better phone than ours we will sue you"

21. 530gemini

Posts: 2198; Member since: Sep 09, 2010

@andro. This was not in the article. Again, this is an android fanboy making up stuff :) A concrete proof that android supporters are big LIARS :)

17. Sniggly

Posts: 7305; Member since: Dec 05, 2009

Again: if Samsung and HTC both are willing to pay Microsoft millions in royalties without even being sued, why not Apple? Furthermore, if Apple cared so much about doing the right thing, how come they have to be dragged through the courts by everyone else just to pay royalties that THEY owe?

30. AppleFUD unregistered

Because Steve Jobs is a massive hypocrite and therefore his company reflects that as do his "followers." for any sane person that wants to know just how much apple has stolen form others the information is out there. . . the isheep are just too lazy. they are like zealot religious nuts--doesn't matter what proof you have they believe their leader completely and that's why it's pointless to even attempt to have an intellectual conversation with them about facts.

23. ilia1986 unregistered

Bad Steve. Very bad. I expected more from you. You are a very decent man, Steve. But looks like even decent men like yourself make mistakes. Then again he only gave green light to the attorneys. He never explicitly said "Go ban the living SH!T out of the Tab 10.1 and the Galaxy S - and therefore severely limit consumer choice - in Germany, Australia and the Netherlands". I still admire you, Steve. Even though I hate Crapple for what it is - and most importantly - for what it ISN'T - I believe that you only caused things to turn for the best. Best wishes and good health to you, if you are reading this.

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