Steve Jobs had liver transplant two months ago?

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Steve Jobs had liver transplant two months ago?
The WSJ is reporting that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is recovering from a liver transplant that he had in Tennessee two months ago. Jobs, who has been on medical leave since the beginning of the year to treat a undisclosed illness, is still expected to return to work on schedule sometime later this month. Company spokesman Katie Cotton said, "Steve continues to look forward to returning at the end of June, and there's nothing further to say." When he first returns to the company that he co-founded, Jobs might be instructed by his doctors to work part time until he feels strong enough to work a full-time schedule.

source: WSJ




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seriously phonearena....seriously?

2. vzw fanman

Posts: 1977; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

looks like steve jobs needs to get a new job

3. PapaJay224

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Sounds like Jobs has been doing too much drinking to subsidize how much money he lost by not Piggy backing VZW. Sounds like if Stevo here learned a little about buisness and a little less about being stingy he could have downloaded a new liver and started sipping mai tai's in the catalinas. Hey Steve Why dont you close your eyes and just picture a whole bunch of dollar signs...then right next to that is the iPhone, On the iPhone is a VZW Logo...not just an apple steve, a VZW logo..Now let us run by how were going to advertise it, price it, and make it what everyone wants it to be...Sleep good steve, sleep really good.

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