Steve Jobs dubbed as the "World's Most Valuable CEO" by Barron's

Steve Jobs dubbed as the "World's Most Valuable CEO" by Barron's
The creative and innovative products from Apple can all be attributed to one man whose name echoes down halls with thunderous tones to make anyone wake from a deep respite. Barron's recently released their annual list of best CEOs in the world – and of course Steve Jobs popped in there taking the coveted title of “the world's most valuable CEO.” In addition, others such as Jeffrey Bezos of Amazon, Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway, and Mark Hurd of HP were also found on the list, but Steve Jobs managed to return to the list even after enduring a scary health issue that could've easily derailed Apple's operations. It states in the article, "Probably the world's most valuable CEO is Steve Jobs of Apple, as shown by stock dips on news of his medical problems," the report said. "Apple recently hit a record, with a market value topping $200 billion, a reflection of the Street's confidence that a healthy Jobs (at least from what we can tell) continues to keep Apple ahead of the game. Jobs likely accounts for $25 billion or more of Apple's market value." As we've seen in the past year, Apple almost looked as though it was walking blind through a brightly lit room as Jobs stepped down for a period of time due to health concerns. And with a thundering roar, he jumped back into the seat of CEO as if nothing ever phased him and led Apple to yet new heights that will easily continue to move forward as they embark on the long expected launch of the Apple iPad.

source: Barron's via Apple Insider


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