iOS users, roll up your sleeves! Stardew Valley is now available for iPhone and iPad

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Stardew Valley, the critically acclaimed indie farming simulation RPG, is now available on iOS. The title can now be purchased for $7,99/€8,99/£7,99 on Apple's App Store.

While some might consider $7,99 a bit too much for a mobile game, it actually turns out that getting it on the App Store is currently the cheapest option, as a quick price check shows that Steam and most other platforms are selling it for $14,99. The iOS version has been redesigned for touchscreen gameplay, but aside from the lack of a multiplayer feature, the game is identical to its PC and console counterparts. Also, there are no in-app purchases or ads present.

If you've been playing Stardew Valley on your PC for a while now, you'll be happy to know that you can transfer your save data to the iOS version via iTunes (make sure to back up your save first though). Keep in mind that since mods are not supported, any save data transferred containing mods may cause compatibility issues.

Have you taken Stardew Valley for a spin yet? Let us know what do you think about the game in the comments!

Stardew Valley on the App Store

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