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Sprint's stock is up after Goldman Sachs buy recommendation

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Sprint's stock is up after Goldman Sachs buy recommendation
Sprint's banking that the HTC EVO 4G will spur on some much needed sales to get back them into the profitable marks when it comes down to their bottom lines, but they're getting a boost today in the correct direction thanks to a buy recommendation. Looking quite healthy during the morning trading, Sprint's shares are up and hovering between 8 percent and 10 percent after Goldman Sachs gave them a buy recommendation which moved them from a neutral position. Still, this looks like it's impressing traders as it has been trading around $4.78 and up. This could be one of the signs that Sprint's CFO was heard to foresee in getting them into profitable revenues and bring them back to greener pastures. In the end, we'll see if the HTC EVO 4G is what the doctor ordered in patching up the wound Sprint has been bleeding for quite some time.

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