Sprint's Verizon-grilling Super Bowl ad pushes itself over a cliff

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It takes a rather specific sense of humor to be able to enjoy Sprint's Super Bowl ad. All 30 morbid, sickly green color-graded seconds of it. A straight punch at competitor Verizon, the death-o-mercial sees disgruntled dad Dad feign his death by pushing a dummy of himself in a car over a cliff as his offspring is observing, perplexed. That's so he could break off his contract with Verizon, something Sprint cheekily admits is "extremely illegal."

Cue in Paul Marcarelli, former Verizon spokesman who seems to be following in Justin Long's footsteps. He delivers a few paragraphs, sounding like an over-caffeinated call center employee reading from a script, his performance crumbling under the weight of dry corporate copy – supplemented with three dense lines of small print, no less, because there's always a twist when dealing with carrier offers. And these are the only twists in the commercial's absurdist plot.

Let's move on with our lives now, shall we?


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