Sprint's SERO Premium plan is going to be offered to only current SERO customers

Sprint's SERO Premium plan is going to be offered to only current SERO customers
Sprint customers who were able to fetch any of the carrier's SERO (Sprint Employee Referral Offer) plans from a few years ago surely are treated to the most valued plans available out there – even making some prepaid plans look bloated. When it was available, the $30/month SERO plan offered customers 500 anytime minutes while offering unlimited texting and data. Unfortunately for many, Sprint phased it out in favor of their "Everything Plus" plans which start at $59.99 and offered the same exact items as the $30/month SERO plan plus Sprint Navigator. However, customers with SERO plans are limited to choosing feature phones, Windows Mobile phone, and older Palm handsets. Unfortunately, you'd have to sign up for an “Everything Plus” plan to experience some other more recent alternatives like webOS and Android devices.

There is good news for those customers who resisted and continue to use their SERO plan as Sprint is about to introduce their SERO Premium plan. Starting on October 1st, current SERO plan holders will have the ability move into one of those alternative devices for an extra $10/month charge. Naturally, there will be an additional $10/month charge if you happen to choose either of the two available 4G enabled devices on their lineup; the HTC EVO 4G and Samsung Epic 4G. So for example, choosing something like a Palm Pre or Samsung Intercept will only cost $40/month and will still offer the same features found on the SERO plan – 500 anytime minutes, unlimited texting, and unlimited data. But if you choose to go with the Samsung Epic 4G, you'll be paying $50/month – which is still impressive in itself.

Now the big question left unanswered in all of this is if Windows Phone 7 devices will be included in this offer, but if it does, there are going to be a plenty of happy SERO customers out there.

source: Sprint

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