Sprint encourages developers, outlines its open approach

Sprint encourages developers, outlines its open approach
At the Ninth Annual Developer Conference, Sprint’s president of Network Operations & Wholesale, Steve Elfman, has acknowledged the important role software developers play in the mobile industry and has made sure to inform the community that his carrier is looking to collaborate with devs. What he has pointed out as Sprint’s main advantage, when it comes to software development, is its “Open” approach. As a whole, this seems to include the following “key tenets”:

  • Let consumers determine the application winners
  • Be easy to do business with
  • Create a developer’s “Garage” where new innovation happens
  • Use the proven Open Internet model as a guide
  • Support is best performed by the creators of the content
  • Open still requires management

We aren’t really sure what developer’s “Garage” is, but we hope it isn’t yet another premature app store around the corner. So, developers, if this is what you are looking for when doing your business, you now know where to look at.

source: Sprint

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