Sprint could close its iDEN push-to-talk network as soon as June 30th, 2013

Sprint could close it's iDEN push-to-talk network as soon as June 30th, 2013
With Sprint desiring to use its 800MHz spectrum for 4G LTE instead of iDEN flavored push-to-talk, the carrier has set a rough "expiration date" after which it will no longer provide Direct Connect service using iDEN technology. Sprint says that it could halt its iDEN service as soon as June 30th, 2013. Government customers will receive a written notice on June 1st, 2012 and will inform its other customers, who generally range from hard hat wearing construction workers to other businesses where a quick, one-touch connection is important. Sprint wants to use the 800MHz spectrum currently assigned to iDEN for its LTE network and offers a CDMA powered Direct Connect service using its 3G pipeline.

The CDMA based Direct Connect launched in October last year and last month added International Direct Connect which allows for PTT service between Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Chile. The carrier currently offers four handsets using the CDMA Direct Connect, Kyocera DuraMax Kyocera DuraCore, Kyocera DuraPlus and the Motorola Admiral.

If you're currently using an iDEN powered handset, it probably is time to start thinking about replacing your handset with a CDMA Direct Connect enabled phone even though you have over a year remaining before the service will stop. The company has already stopped offering iDEN enabled handsets in many locations and will widen that out to other locations in the months ahead. Sprint says that it will continue to support customers using iDEN during the transition period and will help them make the switch to CDMA Direct Connect. It's all about Sprint's Network Vision plan that consolidates all of Sprint's network technologies into one up-to-date "seamless network". 

source: Sprint 

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