Sprint: We are the only carrier with real 4G

Sprint: We are the only carrier with real 4G
The battle is on. T-Mobile says that it is has the largest 4G network. Verizon now says, as we reported, that it offers the fastest 4G network. AT&T says that if T-Mobile's HSPA+ service is 4G, its service is 4G as well. And since they expect the AT&T HSPA+ pipeline to cover 50 million more people at the end of the year than T-Mobile, AT&T is saying that hey, we have the largest 4G service in the U.S.

Sprint, with its WiMax network, was the first to offer 4G service in the country and also was the first to make 4G enabled handsets available to its customers. The carrier expanded its 4G service to Los Angeles today and Michael Galluccio, Sprint Sales Manager New York Metro, said that, "Other carriers may claim to have a 4G network. but right now Sprint is the only national carrier with a true 4G network." And count the executive as one of those that believe that when it comes to pipelines, size matters. He said, "How well it works depends on the size of your pipe. Fortunately, Sprint has a big pipe."

Ironically, not one of the carriers so-called 4G networks meets the definition of 4G as laid out by the ITUs Radiocommunication Sector. But the damage has already been done. Both Sprint and T-Mobile have phones with 4G in the name and as far as the public knows, all of the claims made by the carriers are perfectly legitimate.

This could end up in court if one or more of the carriers wants to challenge a competitor's position, or if consumers feel that they are being ripped off by an improper use of the "4G" title. This story is just being written and we have a long way until we get some clarification.

source: AndroidandMe

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