Sprint ID for Android offers 'packs' of apps and options

Sprint ID for Android offers 'packs' of apps and options
Sprint ID was announced today in conjunction with their 3 new Android devices, the LG Optimus S, the Samsung Transform, and the Sanyo Zio. Sprint ID provides the user with up to 5 IDs, which will alter the device's apps, widgets, ringtones, and wallpapers at the touch of a button.

The idea is that you can switch between different packs to fit your location or mood (i.e. work vs. play mode). Sprint says that Sprint ID will have themes like sports, fitness, and autos. Many packs will be brand-specific, so you can experience your die-hard fandom on your device, and easily switch away from it when you wish. You can also build your own custom configurations.

At the moment, there's no word on whether the software will be available on previous models, but Sprint VP of Product Development Fared Adib had this to say: "We are committed to bringing our customers a variety of choices in devices that offer Sprint ID." It will be interesting to see if Sprint ID replaces other overlaid software like HTC Sense.

View the video below to see ESPN's Sprint ID experience.

source: Sprint via AndroidCentral

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