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Spotlight: Status is an awesome app that lets you customize and overhaul your phone's status bar

Developer: James FennDownload: Android
Category: PersonalizationPrice: Free 

Have you ever felt the urge to customize the status bar of your device? We bet you have! We've felt this, too, and since we discovered a certain app, we've overhauled the status bars of our phones on the regular. Okay, we won't keep that one a secret - the app is called Status and is seriously awesome.

What does it do? It overlays your regular status bar with an extremely customizable one, which follows the Material Design guidelines to the letter and is capable of changing its background color in order to match any of the apps you have on your device. 

For example, you can have a blue status bar when browsing Facebook, a red one for YouTube, a purple one for Viber, and so on. Have in mind that you might have to fine-tune the colors for certain apps. That's rather neat and just the way we like our status bar to look.

Status also allows you to change the position as well as hide any status bar icon. 

Want your clock in the middle? Okay! You want to move the battery indicator icon or just hide it for some peculiar reason? Go ahead and do that with Status! 

Finally, there's a bunch of alternative status bar icons that let you change the defaults with custom ones. To be honest, the included ones are not that great (they are a bit disappointing, to be bluntly honest), but we are sure some of you might like them. For al intents and purposes, having the option to change these is a great feature of Status.

There's hardly any aspect of the status bar you can't customize with Status. We can hardly list all of its features and options without going seriously overboard. We suggest that you head over to the link we've provided above and download the app right now in order to check it out yourselves. We're sure customization fans would undoubtedly want to give it a try.


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