Spotlight: Parallel Space lets you run multiple accounts of one and the same app simultaneously


Developer: LBE TechDownload: Android
Category: ToolsPrice: Free/ 64-bit version

Ever felt the need to have two Facebook Messenger accounts running side-by-side on your Android device? Or Viber, or WhatsApp, or even Clash Royale for that matter? We feel you. 

There are just a handful of devices that let you do this, with the most notable example being Xiaomi's latest MIUI 8-running troopers, which come with the Second Space feature and let you have two accounts for a bunch of messaging apps on your device.

Chances are that Xiaomi is a rather exotic brand for you, but fret not - there's an Android app that essentially lets you to just what we described. Dubbed Parallel Space, it allows you to log in with two or even more accounts into one and the same app. Once of these could be your work account for a messaging app, whereas the other one a personal account, or whatever other combination floats your boat. You can lock the app with a security lock so that no one else except you is capable of toying around with your accounts.

The app works with many apps, mostly messaging ones. Have in mind that if Parallel Space exhibits issues on your Android 6.0 or newer device, make sure to grab the 64-bit version which should theoretically fix your problems.

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