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Spotlight: MacroDroid is a super-powerful automation app for Android that rivals Tasker and IFTTT


Developer: ArloSoftDownload: Android
Category: ToolsPrice: Free

Have you been spending countless hours automating your Android device with the difficult-to-grasp Tasker or the less powerful IFTTT? That's great because we are just about to introduce you to yet another great automation app that will further waste a few hours of your time for all the good reasons! 

Wave a big hearty welcome to MacroDroid, an automation app that pairs intuitiveness with functionality. Similar to other apps of that ilk (they are not that many, believe it or not), MacroDroid relies on "macros". These recipes require you to define triggers and actions, as well as define some constraints if you wish. 

Straight out of the bat, you can choose among a pretty extensive amount of triggers, ranging from activity recognitions and cell tower change to device flipping, location changes, and even shaking the device. That list is pretty long and extensive, we suggest you give it a look. Similarly, the amount of actions you have at your disposal is also nothing short of impressive. 

You can, for example, automate your device to turn off all radios when the screen goes off, delete all call entries with a certain contact after you finish a call with them, or automatically put your device in car mode once it detects it's been plugged in a car dock. That's just the tip of the iceberg - you can do lots of stuff MacroDroid, and if its feature set is no sufficient for you, you can easily pair it with Tasker thanks to the built-in support.

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