Artists on Spotify will soon be able to prioritize songs for Spotify recommendations

Artists on Spotify will now be able to prioritize songs for Spotify recommendations
It’s all about algorithms these days: what comes up next in your Spotify Autoplay playlist is based on an algorithmic estimation. Now, Spotify is experimenting with a new feature that will allow creators to select which specific songs or albums to be boosted from their work, and therefore these selected songs and albums will appear more in user recommendations. This update will give artists more possibilities to choose which of their songs gets prioritized by the algorithms.

SlashGear reports that this new feature is now being introduced in a limited way and currently is available for Autoplay and Radio. The new feature will help users find new content while at the same time artists get more of a say about which content they would like to promote the most to potential fans.

Spotify additionally states that it is actively improving and refining the recommended content in the app. With this new feature, music labels and artists will be able to assign priority to the songs or albums; in assigning higher priority, you can influence Spotify’s algorithm about your own work, as it will take into account the priority when making new recommendations.

However, Spotify doesn’t offer a guarantee that content will get a placement, indicating that listener satisfaction is the company’s top priority.

For the moment, this feature is being tested with Autoplay and Radio, and later on, Spotify will reportedly expand the priority content test to its personalized offerings as well.

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