Spigen Samsung Galaxy S 4 Slim Wallet Case hands-on

Spigen Samsung Galaxy S 4 Slim Wallet Case hands-on
New phone, new cases, that’s the norm with accessory companies in this day and age. Considering that the Samsung Galaxy S 4 will soon be unleashed in the US market, we’re already seeing plenty of cases for the mighty Android smartphone. Always a consistent name we’re familiar seeing with any new product launches, premium accessory maker Spigen already has an arsenal of cases that are ready to appease your specific taste.

Although it’s not the first time we’re seeing a Slim Wallet Case Series from Spigen, their latest one for the Samsung Galaxy S 4 follows in the same footsteps. At its core, the Spigen Samsung Galaxy S 4 Slim Wallet Case protects the smartphone from all angles – while still allowing us to carry along a single credit card or ID along for the ride. Employing a “luxurious faux leather” material on the outside, which has a plasticy kind of feel, it gives the case some ample cushion for protection against minor bumps and bruises. On the inside, it’s lined with soft microfiber to keep the handset’s display clean at all times. And finally, there’s a single slot that will accommodate a single credit card, ID, or some cash. Frankly, we would’ve liked to see more slots available.

Keeping the Galaxy S 4 in place, there’s a polycarbonate hard frame to keep it firmly intact. However, the power button and volume controls become a bit tedious to access, seeing that they’re now recessed. So yeah, we’re constantly fiddling around trying to feel them out with the tip of our fingernails. Luckily, other ports such as the 3.5mm headset jack and microUSB port are easily accessible. For phone calls, it’s nice to find a cutout on the front for the earpiece, but it would’ve been nice if the case itself were a smart one – the kind that would turn off the display automatically when it’s closed.

Despite the single slot found within this “wallet case,” some will appreciate that it’s priced reasonably at $34.99. Needless to say, it isn’t excessive, but it’s still something that wouldn’t have us ditching our usual wallets entirely.

source: Spigen

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