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Spectacles return to Venice with a new pop-up store

Spectacles return to Venice with a new pop-up store
On February 20th, Snap closed its New York City pop-up shop for the Spectacles sunglasses. A new store is opening in Venice, which should result in some Deja Vu. After all, the Spectacle vending machine first appeared in Venice last November. The new store is near Snap's L.A. headquarters and is situated near the Boardwalk. The store will be open between 11am through sundown, and will feature several kiosks where the glasses can be purchased for $129.99 a pair. The exact address, in case you're navigating to the location by GPS, is 701 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291.

The Venice store will remain open for several weeks, but you don't have to travel there to pick up the glasses. Since last month, Spectacles have been available online. We could give you the web address, but we bet you could figure it out yourself. And if you can't, just click on the sourcelink.

For those of you who don't know what Spectacles are and what they do, these are wearables in the form of plastic sunglasses with a camera on the left side. Press the button on top of the lens and 10-seconds of video from your perspective are recorded. Press another time to extend filming to 20-seconds, and one more time to reach the maximum of 30-seconds. A rotating white light allows the people you're looking at to know that they are being recorded. A white light flashes inside the glasses when only two seconds of recording time remain. Videos can be shared via Snapchat. The battery inside Spectacles charges when the glasses are inside the carrying case.

Now that Snap is a public company, it doesn't have time to waste on ventures that don't contribute to revenue. Having Spectacles available from its own website is probably the best move that the company made with this venture. We do wonder whether a price cut might also help Spectacles become a solid contributor to Snap's top-line growth.

source: Spectacles via TechCrunch
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