Source: Nokia seeks ban on HTC 8X?

Source: Nokia seeks ban on HTC 8X?
Once again we're talking about two handset manufacturers entangled in a patent related lawsuit with one charging that the other one copied the look and design of the other's devices. But this time we're not talking about Apple and Samsung. Heck, we're not even talking about iOS and Android. And strangely enough, the phones involved have not been launched, nor has the particular build of the OS involved. As you might have guessed by now, this legal issue involves Windows Phone 8 models produced by Nokia and HTC. According to a source who has proven reliable in the past for Redmond Pie, Nokia is thinking about suing HTC, alleging that the Taiwan based manufacturer copied the look and design of the Nokia Lumia 820 with the HTC 8X.

The source says that Nokia is preparing its case to get the HTC 8X banned in certain areas. Nokia is said to feel strongly that the front face of the HTC 8X looks like the front of the Nokia Lumia 820, followed by the side-curves on the phone's body.

Besides the Nokia Lumia 820, the Finnish based handset manufacturer introduced the Nokia Lumia 920, its Windows Phone 8 flagship model. And besides the HTC 8X, HTC announced the HTC 8S. Nokia introduced its new Windows Phone 8 line two weeks before HTC introduced its new line and all four models are set to launch in November after Windows Phone 8 launches. This means that if Nokia does want to get HTC's prospective Windows Phone 8 flagship model banned, it is going to have to file with the appropriate courts and agencies soon.

source:, Neowin via RedmondPie

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