Sony to go metal with the Xperia Z4, embed touch fingerprint sensor in the power key


Word from the grapevine is that the Sony Xperia Z4 will feature not only a metal chassis, which we saw in the leaked frame comparison with the Z3 not long ago, but in fact an all-metal body, probably akin to the Huawei P8 that was just announced yesterday. Now, whether that means Sony will do away with the glass rear it pioneered for the Z-line, or do something similar to the Galaxy S6, remains to be seen, but it's the other nugget of info in this latest leak that caught our attention.

The Xperia Z4 is now claimed to introduce a fingerprint scanner, which won't be a complete surprise for a 2015 flagship, of course. The placement of the sensor is said to be unorthodox, though - embedded in the power key. Such a placement would be perfect, if Sony can pull it off, as you want have to stretch your thumb or another digit all the way underneath the display just to unlock your handset or authorize payment, risking to drop it if your mind is not into it. 

There is already a phone with a touch finger scanner in the power/lock key - the Saygus V-Squared, but how will Sony manage to embed a finger-scanning tech of its own on the side of a thin chassis, is anyone's guess, if this speculation pans out, that is. The Z4 is expected to be announced in September, likely around the IFA Expo, while Sony might grace us with an upgraded Z3 Neo in the meantime, said to be revealed on April 20th.

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