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Sony Mobile not for sale says company Vice President

Posted: , by Alan F.

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Sony Mobile not for sale says company Vice President
Last month, we passed along a rumor that Sony was looking to spin off or sell its Sony Mobile decision. CEO Kazuo Hirai said that he could not rule out an exit strategy for the mobile business, especially since the entire company is now focusing on profits. Sony is running into tough competition from low-cost Chinese manufacturers like Huawei, Xiaomi and Lenovo in China and in the U.S., it  lacks a partnership with the top four mobile carriers. Right now, Sony has only 3% of the global smartphone market.

While no one would blame Sony for wanting to sell or spin off Sony Mobile, the truth is that this is not happening. Tim Harrison, Vice President of Global Communications & PR at Sony Mobile said that what Hirai was trying to say was 'look, we're a grown- up company, so we've got to leave all our options open'. Harrison says that the CEO has no intention of getting rid of the division. "He was not saying, at all ‘we are up for sale’. Categorically, we are not up for sale," Harrison stated.

Earlier today, we passed along a report about Sony Mobile president Hiroki Totoki. The executive said that even if Sony decides to exit the handset business, it should continue to have a presence in mobile by creating software.

Sony yesterday introduced a mid-range handset, the Sony Xperia M4 Aqua, at MWC. It also unveiled a new flagship tablet, the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet. There are rumors that it is working on its next flagship device, the Sony Xperia Z4. The latest leak has the new flagship arriving during the Summer.

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source: USwitch

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posted on 02 Mar 2015, 14:31 16

1. BruceLeeRoyJenkins (Posts: 51; Member since: 27 Feb 2015)

I hope Sony can make a comeback here. But to be brutally honest, no relevant changes to design and software is what's killing them. The Z line has a great design language but Sony hasn't built upon it enough. Their camera hardware is the best around but poor software keeps it back.

And what's worst is these fanboys that think Sony is fine the way they are. They are not. You shouldn't have to adjust your settings on your camera to get better pictures. Plus slow updates aren't helping them. I get making sure it's a solid experience, but why not add more flare, more features as well? I'm a Sony fan through and through but it's hard to support a company when it feels like they've given up themselves and almost refuse to change and lead the pack.

posted on 02 Mar 2015, 14:36 1

4. dmn666 (Posts: 244; Member since: 19 Oct 2011)

No comeback until they can get their phones on all major US carriers. Nokia managed to keep their top spot for a very long time without any US presence. Sony can't afford the same luxury. Time's running out for them.

posted on 02 Mar 2015, 21:10 1

28. dimas (Posts: 2511; Member since: 22 Jul 2014)

Well, they can still sell in Asian countries if US carriers don't like to endorse them to the Americans.

HEY SONY! If you can prep up Z4 and Z4 compact with a 128gb internal storage with microsd slot, larger optimized battery, and maintain the 1080 display while selling it for $700 tax included & off contract, you got my money no questions asked.

I don't care if you don't have marketing gimmicks like s health or blood pressure reading app, all the average user needed is a longer battery life and durable handset.

posted on 02 Mar 2015, 22:38 3

31. techperson211 (Posts: 1280; Member since: 27 Feb 2014)

Patiently waiting for someone to go all out against Sony. Bashing every Sony article. Hmm. Kudos Sony this is what Sony advantage, it's not a company that was built 10 years ago so in terms stability they have that.

posted on 03 Mar 2015, 04:01

36. Mercedes-Benz (banned) (Posts: 403; Member since: 18 Jan 2015)

I tried Xperia ZL and iPhone 5, even though specs wise the xperia is better but daily use the iPhone beats the crap out of it

posted on 03 Mar 2015, 06:16 2

37. techperson211 (Posts: 1280; Member since: 27 Feb 2014)

Really I had the zl. And I doubt your opinion still I respect it. My zl still being used by my niece and it's working just fine if I'm not a smartphone enthusiasts I would not have bought the z2 to replace it.

posted on 03 Mar 2015, 20:00 1

39. Fynjy777 (Posts: 35; Member since: 22 Jan 2014)

Absolutely the same situation as mine.

posted on 04 Mar 2015, 23:06

40. Mercedes-Benz (banned) (Posts: 403; Member since: 18 Jan 2015)

I sold my red ZL to my friend because his nexus 5 failed , now running CM12 .
Honestly though , the camera even though better MP does not take better photos , slow to focus , poor low light shots and over aggressive sharpening algorithm . With stamina mode it does not outlast the iphone 5 even though it has a larger battery , the screen is 1080p ,. but really washed out compared to the IPS iPhone 5 . It has quad core and 2GB of ram yet sometimes the keyboard lags when i am typing and also it is way slower and launching apps

posted on 04 Mar 2015, 23:07

41. Mercedes-Benz (banned) (Posts: 403; Member since: 18 Jan 2015)

My friend is just using as a stop gap as i sold it to him cheaply , he is waiting for a flagship android phone that he really wants .
Sold the iPhone 5 as well . Its old but still has excellent resale value , i sold the iPhone for double of the Xperia ZL . Now using note 3 , waiting for iPhone 6S

posted on 05 Mar 2015, 08:25 1

42. Fynjy777 (Posts: 35; Member since: 22 Jan 2014)

So, you're a phone enthusiast as me).
Sony stoped using washed out screens from last year, by the way. My friend had iphone 5 as well, but his battery drained much faster then on my ZL. Moreover, his iphone shut down when he used it in temperature about 0C, while my ZL didn't even in -15C. About lags I can say, that iphone lags sometimes as well. About photos I can say, that I was absolutely satisfied with my ZL, comparing to iphone. Perhaps, it is subjective.

posted on 05 Mar 2015, 08:32 1

43. Fynjy777 (Posts: 35; Member since: 22 Jan 2014)

And the battery of his iphone was charged, when it shut down in 0C.

posted on 05 Mar 2015, 09:59

44. Mercedes-Benz (banned) (Posts: 403; Member since: 18 Jan 2015)

Not sure about cold temperatures though , i live in malaysia where the temperature is always 30C

posted on 02 Mar 2015, 14:57

9. Omarion07 (Posts: 34; Member since: 13 Jan 2015)

Couldn't have said it better!

posted on 02 Mar 2015, 15:12 2

11. avalon2105 (Posts: 310; Member since: 12 Jul 2014)

Agree with you on many points, but I don't think it's the Z series that is holding Sony back, it's their mid/low range phones.
As for camera, I've never had a problem with Sony and I had better pics on my Xperia S than on my current G2, but making automatic mode better for casuals is a must.
And for Lollipop update, many people are forgetting that Sony is updating entire Z series (13 phones and tablets) while other manufacturers are doing 4 or 5 at most.
My biggest issue with Sony is three sets of icons in the interface. I like overall look and feel of their UI but three different icon sets kind of breaks the unified experience. Material design set of icons for Google stuff, shiny orb-like icons for multimedia apps (walkman, album, movies etc.) and the prehistoric set for core phone apps from early days of Xperia lineup (settings, messaging, phone).

posted on 02 Mar 2015, 19:29 1

24. ilani (Posts: 90; Member since: 23 Dec 2011)

Sony needs a Google Play edition of the Z3. Then they will see, it's not their phones that are bad,it's the software. To quote a movie character from Iron man 2, "software is S#!T"

posted on 02 Mar 2015, 14:31 6

2. Busyboy (Posts: 636; Member since: 07 Jan 2015)

Great news. Now Sony, please improve the UI and camera and you have my money on the Z4

posted on 02 Mar 2015, 14:59 9

10. ArtSim98 (Posts: 3535; Member since: 21 Dec 2012)

The Lollipop looks amazing it's really close to the stock!

posted on 02 Mar 2015, 15:42 4

16. hboy857 (Posts: 349; Member since: 03 Jun 2013)

Agreed. I'm also liking that they're revamping each app with material design. I'm sooooo bored with skeuomorphic, I want full material design package.

posted on 02 Mar 2015, 16:06 1

18. dmn666 (Posts: 244; Member since: 19 Oct 2011)

Sony's UI has always been close to the stock over last couple years! Apparently, people asking for UI changes want customized UI (a.k.a lagfest & delayed updates)

posted on 02 Mar 2015, 21:22 1

29. dimas (Posts: 2511; Member since: 22 Jul 2014)

And improve the price for the overall market. Since S6 and iPhone's 128gb models are already wallet burners, Sony might try making their 128gb variant cheaper around $700 just to get people's attention.

According to Yahoo, this is how Sammy might charge for S6 off contract:

32GB Galaxy S6 — €699
64GB Galaxy S6 — €799
128GB Galaxy S6 — €899
32GB Galaxy S6 edge — €849
64GB Galaxy S6 edge — €949
128GB Galaxy S6 edge — €1,049

posted on 02 Mar 2015, 14:33 1

3. Takeharu (Posts: 259; Member since: 28 Oct 2013)

I truly hope this is true! It would be a shame if Sony went away from the mobile space.

posted on 02 Mar 2015, 14:38

5. carlemillward (unregistered)

They should contact Mr. Stephen Elop and ask him to be CEO...

posted on 02 Mar 2015, 14:43

7. meanestgenius (Posts: 16170; Member since: 28 May 2014)

Please tell me that you're joking.

posted on 02 Mar 2015, 14:38 5

6. meanestgenius (Posts: 16170; Member since: 28 May 2014)

Good news. I would hate to see Sony exit the mobile market. Do whatever is necessary to stay in mobile, Sony. There are those that are rooting for you.

posted on 02 Mar 2015, 14:48

8. GeekMovement (unregistered)

Their design and battery life is on point. Perhaps they could polish their software and market their flagships more.

posted on 02 Mar 2015, 15:21 3

13. arch_angel (Posts: 1651; Member since: 20 Feb 2015)

there was a recent article saying they are going to focus on software this year

posted on 03 Mar 2015, 03:03 1

35. GeekMovement (unregistered)

I saw, that was exciting news!

posted on 02 Mar 2015, 20:39

27. mochachino (Posts: 20; Member since: 18 Feb 2015)

Sony should differentiate itself with having stock android. Their year old phone would have less lag than the competition new releases.

posted on 03 Mar 2015, 00:32

33. mixedfish (Posts: 1326; Member since: 17 Nov 2013)

They already did with Google Play Edition Xperia. We didn't exactly see everyone running over their mothers to get one, did we.

posted on 03 Mar 2015, 13:25

38. TMach (Posts: 464; Member since: 29 Dec 2011)

Sony never, as far as I can remember produce a GPE Xperia phone! Think you are referring to the tablet, not the same thing!

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