Sony Ericsson's CEO wants to shout "Surprise" when you open the door

Sony Ericsson's CEO wants to shout
Now that Sony Ericsson has opened its new Headquarters in Atlanta, CEO Bert Nordberg can concentrate on laying some "big surprises" on you over the next few months. The executive went on to describe the joint venture as an entertainment phone maker which slyly refers back to the PSP Phone we reported on a few weeks ago. If the surprise isn't the PSP flavored handset, what other surprise could Sony Ericsson have in store for us? An Android 2.2 device with a multitouch screen?

source: GlobalAtlanta



1. Dorximus Maximus unregistered

His big suprise is that he is going to be John Madden's stunt double for the unlockable character in Madden 2011. Another (smaller) suprise is that he will be renting out a corner of his company's new office so that an on-site Dunkin' Doughnuts kiosk may be made possible. His last suprise is that, last night, he stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.

2. messiah

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Surprise! Android 1.6 for everyone!!!! Crap......

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