Some Samsung Galaxy S4 units are bursting into fire in Israel

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Some Samsung Galaxy S4 units are bursting into fire in Israel
Smartphone manufacturer Samsung, says that the use of third party batteries is behind a small number of fires that broke out in Israel on its popular Samsung Galaxy S4 model. Since last October, Samsung has offered to replace any swollen batteries on the Galaxy S4, whether or not the device and the cell are still covered by a warranty.

Meanwhile, Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, the most widely read paper in the country, says that thousands of Galaxy S4 models have been experiencing the swollen battery issue with at least 20 units catching on fire. Scailex, the company that imports Samsung products into Israel, told the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange that it started to hear about these problems in the third quarter of last year, and has been in touch with Samsung. Scailex says that there are no problems with devices produced after January 2014.

Scailex spoke with stock market officials after local media in Israel started publishing stories about the fires.

source: Reuters via WSJ


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