Snapchat creator Snap Inc. bought a drone maker, so watch out for disappearing drones!


Snapchat (that is, Snap Inc.)appears to have some interesting ideas about hardware. This became evident last year with the release of Spectacles, a wearable that, unlike any other wearable, is great for parties. And now, Snap Inc. has another notch on its acquisition belt. It's a drone maker by the name of Ctrl Me Robotics.

The LA, California company reportedly was on the brink of closing – instead it closed a sub-$1 million deal with Snap. Founder Simon Saito Nielsen and his team are getting hired at the Snapchat company, presumably taking their assets and equipment with them as well.

So what's Snap going to do with the new talent? Prior to the acquisition, Ctrl Me was busy making modifications to third-party drones outfitted with camera equipment. You can see where this is going, right?

Aerial and drone shots and videos are very popular in social networks, and Snap could be looking to take Snapchat to the skies while simultaneously investing in an attractive product. Drones are much more established than smart glasses right now, and a flying camera of sorts could be just what Snapchat's already massive clientele could be after.

At the very worst, Snap could start making drones that disappear in 10 seconds. In which case, the US military would probably like to have a word with them.

Details on the deal are very scarce, so this is all there's to report right now. We are intrigued by the move and curious about the eventual outcome. One thing is for sure – Snap's acquisition is going to fly!


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