The company behind Snapchat is working on a drone

Snap Inc, most commonly known as the maker of Snapchat, really wants to become one of the big boys. Following the release of its weird yet fun Spectacles and its subsequent IPO, the company is now officially more than just a lucky winner of the app bubble. Now that its first hardware product is available to the masses, Snap is looking to branch out further, and a new report shows it's currently interested in drone technology.

For the unaware, drones, also known as UAVs, are one of the tech world's newer obsessions. The small flying robots are usually equipped with cameras, which allow them to take photos or video from otherwise hard-to-reach places. Snap, apparently, find something familiar about the technology, as it's a sort of a camera company itself, offering a new way of interacting with photos.

If its history is anything to go by, the company is sure to bring something new to the table when it comes to drones: its previous product, the glasses-with-cameras Spectacles, debuted a fun circular video format, which allows the viewer to rotate their device, while the on-screen image remains at the same orientation. And let's not forget Snapchat itself, which introduced us to the ephemeral image format.

The actual report, unfortunately, makes sure to remind us that "working on" does not equal "will release"; that is, while there's no reason to doubt that the company is thinking about making drones, nothing is yet guaranteed. Plus, it's fair to say that even if Snap does eventually release a such a device, its target group most probably won't be your average drone enthusiast, but rather the everyday consumer, who's just looking for a fun new gadget, not a serious one. In any case, we expect whatever the company puts out will certainly be interesting.


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