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#SmokedbyWindowsPhone returns in ads

#SmokedbyWindowsPhone returns in ads
Guess what's back? If you guessed Gumby, you're wrong. If you guessed #SmokedbyWindowsPhone, you're right. This time, trying to capture the man on the street format that Samsung successfully used with the Samsung GALAXY Note, Microsoft is trying to make the contest seem spontaneous which would be a way to refute those who call the entire promotion a gimmick and manipulated.

The first video shows an Apple iPhone 4 owner names Rosslyn who loves social networking. So she is approached to take on a Windows Phone model. The challenge is to see who could be the first to post the word "movie" to both Facebook and LinkedIn. If Rosslyn wins, she's off to the movies with a dozen friends courtesy of Microsoft. Of course, the Windows Phone spanks the Apple iPhone 4. How? Well, as it turns out, Windows Phone has a live tile that takes you to a page where you can post a message to multiple social networks at one time. Interesting how the challenge was a perfect fit for Windows Phone. Anyway, Rosslyn got a free Windows Phone and we can assume that her Apple iPhone 4 is now collecting dust on a bookshelf somewhere.

The second challenge shows Dayna with her Apple iPhone 3GS This time, the challenge is to look for an American restaurant. If the Apple iPhone 3GS wins, dinner's on Bill Gates. Using the Windows Phone search button, Local Scout pops up and the challenge is over. Of course, had Dayna had the Apple iPhone 4S or an Android phone, she might have simply used Siri or Google Search. As it is, both mother and daughter receive their own Nokia Lumia 900 and free dinner for a week (not to mention having a creepy looking Windows Phone guy and his cameraman following them wherever they go).

So guys, are these legit challenges? Is this a set-up? If you own an Android handset or an Apple iPhone, how could you have won the challenge? Don't be shy! Simply respond in the box below.

source: YouTube (1), (2) via WMPoweruser


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