Smacktive for iOS makes activity searching and friend finding as simple as hiring a Uber car


Developer: SmacktiveDownload: iOS
Genre: SocialPrice: Free

So you wanted to play some snooker last Friday night, or go see a game with some friend-persons this coming Saturday, but it turns out none of your close friends are up to it because of reasons. Well, you can either play The Lone Ranger for the n-th time, or give Smacktive a go. This free iOS app is designed to direct-connect people with matching interests. At launch, you can log-in with your Facebook profile, or you can create a dedicated Smacktive account with your personal data and interests, and go from there.

While Facebook-connected, you can immediately invite your friends out for a specific activity you are planning. You can always check for nearby activities on a map powered by the app's built-in geolocation support, and message other people to invite or join. In addition to an activity browser, Smacktive is something like a Swiss knife of a friend-maker, inviter, and chooser. You can literally browse your friends' friends, people you don't know or might know, or maybe have met for a few minutes, et cetera, and stumble upon your new sports or shopping buddy, for example. The app lets you search for people based on distance, age, and gender. Smactive users can tag themselves as "active", which means they are on the lookout for something to do, and are more likely to respond to an invitation - especially if it matches their interest.

It also helps that the app is lighting-fast, at least on the new iPhone 6. It also has sassy animations and an upbeat visual design that really fire you up for that upcoming game of tennis or whatever you'll be doing. Good stuff! Right now, Smactive is focusing its initial launch on the New York metro area, and it will expand from there.

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