Siri vs Google Assistant: win some, lose some (infographic)

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Siri vs Google Assistant: win some, lose some (infographic)

There is a new field of battle in the Silicon Valley, the artificial intelligence (AI) game, and each of the big guns - Google, Apple, Microsoft or Facebook - is working hard to develop their own algorithms to beat the rest and futureproof its business models. While AI is not necessarily a new field, the advent of supercomputers in out pockets made possible carrying the consumer side of it - virtual assistants like Siri or Google Now - always with us, and that is why the paces of AI development got fierce lately.

During its iOS 10 presentation, Apple placed a lot more emphasis on the new features of its digital butler Siri than usual, while Google fought back with the Google Assistant in its new Pixel phones that can even do follow-up questions. Those AI-powered virtual helpers are basically striving for similar goals, but go about achieving them in a different manner, and while Siri is good at some things, Google Assistant may have the upper hand in others, and this handy infographic below will help you understand which does what better.

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