Shutter app for the iPhone review: free unlimited storage and sharing for your photos and videos

Developer: ShutterDownload: iOS (v1.0.1)
Category: Photo&videoPrice: Free

If you thought Apple's new iCloud Photo Library that is coming with iOS 8 is the bee's knees, as it will now back both your pics, and your videos, in full resolution to the cloud, wait until you see what Shutter is offering. 

This newcomer app, offered by StreamNation for free, not only lets you share multiple pics and unlimited video lengths, it also offers unlimited storage for said media, too. If that's not enough, there is a bunch of other niceties that come with this infinite camera roll app, so let's take it for a spin.

Shutter, the Infinite Camera basically lets you snap and record anything your heart desires, at any length, and backs it up for free. The provider, StreamNation, does have paid cloud storage services on offer, and is hoping to gather enough tags and referrals for them to offset the cost of offering you unlimited media storage. 

Shutter was reportedly conceived with a free storage threshold, but as soon as Amazon announced its unlimited offer that comes with the new Fire Phone, StreamNation reconsidered. Your photos and videos are stored redundantly both by the company, and on Amazon's servers, so that they are always secure and waiting.

The beauty of having this free unlimited storage is that you aren't restricted in sharing huge videos, for instance. Create a full length movie from your vacation, and share it with friends and family without limitations - there's some value-added in that, we'd argue. In addition to the unlimited sharing and storage, you get album management, beautiful timeline visualization, and background uploads while you are doing something else on your iPhone. Offline you have access to the last 200 of your most recent pics and videos by default, though you can opt for 500, or until a gig of storage is left in your device, for instance. You can share the uploaded media in bulk, via email, social networks, or PMs, and you can set restrictions at any time, too. 

Moreover, the Shutter app integrates with you camera app, letting you use custom filters for more creative footage, and you can stream the results afterwards straight to your TV via AirPlay, or even Google's Chromecast dongle. 

If that's not enough to convince you about Shutter, compared to Apple's own iCloud solution, or even exclusive services like the unlimited storage that comes with Amazon's Fire Phone, we don't know what will. Check out Shutter from the source link below, and tell us what you think.


  • Unlimited cloud storage for free
  • Sharing of long videos and huge picture folders
  • Easy to master, beautiful media stream timeline
  • Custom camera filters
  • Chromecast streaming support


  • Third party log-in system

PhoneArena rating:

Developer: ShutterDownload: iOS (v1.0.1)
Category: Photo&videoPrice: Free


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