Shot on the iPhone XS: Apple shows us how to take some truly surreal footage

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The new iPhones hit the stage last night and, of course, Apple has a bunch of promotional material to help hype them up. Of it, we have this really cool video about “experimental shots”. Apple took the iPhone XS down to what looks like a lab where they just shot 4K video of various “experiments”.

We've got simple stuff like water being bounced off of a speaker, or soap coloring the top layer of a bowl of water, some artistic use of clay and lighting, then some more advanced things like a timelapse of a silver nitrate – copper reaction. Shot from the right angle and with the right light, these simple tools can really give you some otherworldly results, as can be evidenced by this video.

The good news? You don't really need an iPhone to perform these experiments and get them on camera. So, if you find anything in this video at all inspiring — go ahead and try to take a cool shot with whatever phone you have on hand!

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