Shin: cumulative sales of the Samsung Galaxy S III to top 10 million units during July

Shin: cumulative sales of the Samsung Galaxy S III to top 10 million units during July
The Samsung Galaxy S has sold about 24 million units globally since its launch a little over 2 years ago, the Samsung Galaxy S II sold 28 million units in half the time, and now it looks as though the Samsung Galaxy S III is going to smash those records. According to Samsung Telecommunication chief JK Shin, some time next month, the cumulative amount of units of the latest Samsung flagship phone to be sold will reach 10 million. That is quite an accomplishment considering that the device first launched in Europe on May 29th. Making the feat even more outstanding is that the first U.S. carriers to launch the phones did so on June 21st.

Right off the bat it was known that the Samsung Galaxy S III would break some records. Pre-orders were said to have hit 9 million overseas by Shin as soon as May 18th, a figure that obviously did not include North America. This year, all four major Stateside operators will be offering the Samsung Galaxy S III along with U.S. Cellular. The Samsung Galaxy S II has been the closest challenger that the Android platform has to the Apple iPhone in terms of unit sales and the sequel might even come closer to Apple's iconic device which is expected to undergo some major changes this year when the new model is launched, including a bigger screen size near 4 inches. That major refresh means that sales of the Apple iPhone 4S could slow down as we get closer to an expected launch of the 6th generation iPhone. Sales of the current model usually slump a few weeks before the release of the next model as potential buyers wait to see what features the new version will offer.

source: Reuters

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