Sharp announces Free-Form Display panels, breaks free of rectangle constraints

Once again, Sharp is at the top of the display mountain. The company, lately known for its energy-efficient IGZO display panels, announced Free-Form Display. Thanks to the aforementioned IGZO tech and proprietary circuit designs, Sharp's creation gives engineers and designers unparalleled freedom in coming up with the device's form. While common smartphone displays are rectangular and must accommodate a drive circuit in their bezels, the Free-Form LCD Display is mostly free of such constraints, as its gate driver is dispersed through the pixels on the display matrix. The bezel can be minimized to borderline non-existence, and designers can twist it to whatever shape they want.

The FF Display isn't for mobile devices only. Sharp's concepts include a single panel on a car dashboard, elliptical screens for wearables, and large monitors with shapes that make them more immersive. Hopefully, this will pave the way for more interesting and daring smartphone designs. It's not known when these displays will be heading to production, but Sharp promised to put them on the market as early as possible.

source: Sharp


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