Separate volume controls, quick settings menu coming to Windows Phone 8?

The way volume controls work in Windows Phone haven't changed much since the platform's debut. Basically, there's a single volume setting that applies throughout the entire system and to all installed apps – an inconvenient solution, as many WP users would agree.

But according to rumors, Microsoft may change things a bit with the launch of the GDR3 update. Once the new software is out, Windows Phone 8 may finally get separate volume controls for the ringer and other media playing in any app.

The same source also hints at a Quick Settings menu of some kind being readied for Windows Phone 8, supposedly meant to debut with the very same GDR 3 release. Its design, however, has yet to be finalized, so we're not sure what the said menu might look like.

In addition to these features, Windows Phone 8 is also expected to receive a notification center as part of the GDR3 software. But as the case is with all rumors, the above information should be taken with a grain of salt until it is confirmed by an official source. Chances are we'll see GDR3 in action for the first time with the debut of the Nokia Lumia 1520, aka Nokia Bandit.

source: WP Dang (Translated) via Neowin

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