Second round of pre-orders are coming tomorrow at RadioShack for the HTC EVO 4G

Second round of pre-orders are coming tomorrow at RadioShack for the HTC EVO 4G
The inventory may have been looking healthy a few days ago to appease the initial rush of customers looking at a chance to pick up an HTC EVO 4G fresh from any of RadioShack stores across the country. We'd imagine that their instant price of $199.99 with a contract may have pushed people to visit RadioShack, much like other indirect dealers offering the same deal, but their stock quickly depleted due to the “insane demand.” If you weren't one of the lucky people to pick up a handset, the retailer is throwing a second round of pre-orders that will start tomorrow and will hopefully arrive next Friday. So if you've exhausted all of your supposed check out spots for the Android powered device, it's probably a good idea to get yourself situated with a pre-order so you don't have to run around to different places hoping you can find one.

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1. YoJerms1977

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Wow, I didn't even realize there was a waiting list and the stock had depleted. I called my local Walmart, they had three come in this morning, and I was the first one in my town to get one. I had just upgraded to the BB Tour last week, then came back to Walmart and exchanged it for the EVO and paid the extra $54.00 It was totally worth it, this phone is great, except battery life and I really haven't had time to mess with it much. I'm happy. And the funny thing is, my Walmart still has the other two EVO's in stock. Nobody is asking for it around here, at least not at walmart. It was the easiest I've ever gotten a new release phone on the day it came out!

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