RadioShack revving up their pre-order process for the HTC EVO 4G today

RadioShack revving up their pre-order process for the HTC EVO 4G today

If you're absolutely keen on snatching up the HTC EVO 4G on day one of launch, you can now add RadioShack to the list of places you should visit prior to launch to get yourself situated with a pre-order. Aside from the convenience it offers in not having to wait at the crack of dawn on line to get yourself the Android powered smartphone, RadioShack kicked off their pre-order process for the highly anticipated device. Similar to what Best Buy is doing as well, future owners will have to dish out $50 which is placed on a gift card and will eventually be applied to the $199.99 plus tax pricing of the handset when you come back to pick it up. Although there is no word surrounding stock availability, we'd imagine that there is going to be a limit on how many pre-orders RadioShack will be able to offer before they run out; so it'd be a smart move to head on over to a location sooner than later!

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1. dynasty30233

Posts: 2; Member since: May 14, 2010

Preordered mine today from Radio Shack. It was pleasant and fast...

2. theo14461 unregistered

Went into a local Radio Shack to pre order mine today, and they couldn't help me. I had a Sprint account that was cancelled less than 30 days ago, and the store manager said I would not be eligible for the $199 price for the Evo. She was convinced that, I would have to get a new number, instead of porting my old number back to Sprint. I left the store, went to Best Buy and pre ordered it without any problem. I guess my point is, that store employees must know how to handle these situations, or lose business. Sorry for the long winded comment.

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