Seattle bar bans Google Glass

Seattle bar bans Google Glass
If there ever was a real-life definition of putting the horse before the cart, it would be the action of The 5 Point Cafe in Seattle which has banned Google Glass, even though it won't be sold to the general public until later this year at the earliest. Owner Dave Meinert posted his ban on Facebook where he added that "ass kickings will be encouraged for violators." Why ban Google Glass? Meinert says that he wants to protect his customers. He admits that his bar is a notoriously seedy place and no one wants to have his or her picture taken at the bar and have it posted online.

It all harkens back to our recent article on whether or not Google Glass is the privacy-killer that some in the media believe that it is. Our point, and it is valid in this case, is that anyone can bring in a camera and take the same pictures that Google Glass would take. And as far as we know, camera are not banned at the 5 Point Cafe.

The whole thing, from the comment about "ass kickings" to the fact that the bar is within drinking distance of Amazon, makes this sound like a cheap way to get publicity for the bar. Owner Meinert has become a darling of the Seattle media and told them that, "The 5 Point appeals to a wide variety of people. Some of the tech geeks come here, we're close by Amazon...It's OK if you wear them. I just don't want them worn inside."

source: The5PointCafe,KIRO via AndroidAuthority

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