Screenshots from patent filing could show Huawei's Android replacement

Screenshots from patent filing could show Huawei's Android replacement
As you probably already know, Huawei is going to have to replace the Android operating system with its own OS for future handsets. That is because the company was placed on the U.S. Commerce Department's Entity List for security reasons, and this prevents the firm from sourcing U.S. parts, components and software without a government license. Google had already announced that it was cutting ties with Huawei, although the latter's current phones will receive Android updates up until August 19th.

Huawei has already filed patents in Europe for the name Ark OS, Huawei Ark Os, Ark, and Huawei Ark. We presume that Noah will not interfere with Huawei receiving the requested patents. WinFuture reports that Huawei had filed back in March with the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) for a smartphone interface. The patent application included a series of screenshots, which reveal that this is not the currently used Android interface used by Huawei. The screenshots show Android apps and it is unclear whether the images are of Huawei's new OS with Android support or an Android-based UI that Huawei happened to be working on. While phones running Ark OS might support some Android apps, they won't ship with the Google Play Store or Google's own Android apps if Huawei doesn't have a Google Play services license.

You might notice that one of the screenshots mentions the "Android Green Alliance." This is a group made up of Huawei and other Chinese companies like Tencent and Alibaba and was created to develop standards for the quality and design of apps created for Android.

So while you are going through the screenshots, keep in mind that these images could be representative of Ark OS. Don't let the fact that the application was filed two months before the ban was announced throw you off track. Huawei obviously knew something was coming because it was able to stockpile a year's worth of parts and components for its mobile chips. In addition, Huawei executive Richard Yu said back in March that the company had its own Android alternative ready; again, this was two months before Huawei was put on the Entity List. The manufacturer reportedly started developing an alternative to Android back in 2012.




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No thank spywei

2. cmdacos

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3. ijuanp03

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#sheep without the 'i"

8. sgodsell

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Huawei and patents, isn't that a bit of an oxymoron. Especially since they don't respect others patents.

6. GuitarPlayer

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keep with your Iphone 2 can setup. 2x zoom !! kkkk LUL

4. eausa

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No thanks. No chinese commie phone for me. Keep it in china.

5. oldskool50 unregistered

OMG. Stop with this BS that the platform wont haveaccess to Google Servuices us somehow means the downfall of this phone. The iPhone survived just fine without access to all of Goigle services. As long as they have a good resource for apps, they dont need Google Play. Apple doesn't need Google Play. Yes you can use many of Google services on iOS. APK is a standard file format for NUX based operating systems. BADA can run them too. Because if this all Huawei has to do is get other devs on board to create loaders in their app for the new OS, which won't need much porting. Everyone complained we need a 3rd OS. Qell now we have one. Apple cam out of nowhere and blew past everyone who had phones except Nokia and Samsung. All you is good services to support. China doesn't need Android, no more than Apple does. It dowsnt need to be as popular as iOS or Android to survive. CHINA has over 1.5Billion people. That over 4 times the US population. Only India has more or just as many. China can ha e their own platform for the whole country with devs in their own country making the needed apps and Huawei can be just like Apple and pro ide their own country with services where they host mail, apps, messaging and more. I am sure Huawei has Exchange from Microsoft. They may not be able to get direct support, but nothing can stop them from downloading updates. You guys are being so cynical. Apple ready knew Google was gonna kick their butts. Because Google did exactly what Microsoft did. Huawei can do everything Apple and Google is doing now on their own platform and they have a country where they could ban all.of us and have success.

9. Vogue1985 unregistered


11. Papa_Ji

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Yes....China is the largest which and no will want to loose that market....which ultimately foce the devs. to support ArkOs....and later on Huawei will again expand outside and poor US will not be able to stop them.

14. Dr.Phil

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You seem to think Huawei is the only Chinese manufacturer. Oppo and Xiaomi still have access to Android. So what makes you think Huawei wouldn’t lose to those manufacturers that can still sell to Chinese consumers while also having Android?

7. oldskool50 unregistered

Apple has manage to be the only computer OEM, who was successful without using Windows. Yes you can now dual boot Windows, but that makes the Mac very versatile. But Apple.isnt gonna along OSX to legal run on W in does hardware, because if we could run ISX we wouldn't need a Mac and they already know this. Apple made iOS successful. Y first using Yahoo and then adding Google later. Microsoft has managed to last just fine before Google even got in the game period. Microsoft offer similar services as Google. I can use all.of MS services and never new Google period. Google makes things better in some areas. But you don't need them to survive. And when you have more than 1/7th the world's population in your own country, you don't need anything or anyone else. There are plenty of Chinese devs. Look how many had apps on Play. Wake up people. ANDROID is only an options. Everyone said Samsung should do this and they could have. Huawei has no choice a d they will be successful in their own country because they have loyal contrymen.

10. lyndon420

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Are you drinking?? lol

12. kiko007

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That’s techie, of course he’s been drinking.

13. vasra

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Does not instill confidence. Looks like a mere placeholder and patent for patents sake. It's like trying to send a message.

15. AlienKiss

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As a power user and a die-hard fan of Android (since cupcake), I don't even consider switching to iOS. Not even if Apple pays me daily for using an iPhone. Hua-who is simply delusional if they think we're going to buy their replicas with a play store clone! I didn't even say anything about security concerns..

16. Budhainthemood

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Excellent news. No commi phones and spywei can stay in Asia for as long as they want. We don't need you.

17. Habib111

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I'm really excited to see something new so what's the harm in that. I mean you all want to see what the new OS can do even if you don't want to buy it. There iOS and Android so not much competition and we all have to pay like hell for that. There should be at least 3 or 2 more OS so the sky-high price would fell

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