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Ruh-Roh! Google adds Scooby-Doo effects to Duo

Ruh-Roh! Google adds Scooby-Doo effects to Duo
Ruh-Roh! Google Duo has a new series of effects that star the one and only Scooby-Doo. The animated pooch will be starring in a new movie next May, and well in advance of the premiere, Google's video chat app will allow Scooby to crash your video messages. There are three different options. One places the hound in the lower left side of the screen and another has the canine on the right side of the display, laughing.

But the best effect is the one that uses AR to place Scooby on top of your head. This effect will only work when your face is spotted on the display. And even if you try to shake him off, Scooby will hold on for dear life. On the upper right of the display, you will see a shameless promo for the upcoming film that says "Scoob! Only In Theaters." Just don't go to the theater now because you'll be, oh, about half-a-year early.

Google has been working its software magic on Duo, adding seven filters and six effects for video messages early last month. If you don't have Duo on your Android phone you can download it from the Google Play Store. While iOS users can FaceTime with each other, the Duo app is available from the App Store for cross-platform video chats and messages.

Android users will know right away if they have received the server-side update by opening the Duo app. If the message "Try Scooby-Doo effects" is on the screen, it means that the three effects featuring the animated star are available for your video messages.
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