Samsung's new patent shows foldable smartphone reminiscent of ZTE Axon M


It appears that Samsung is testing more than one foldable smartphone, each with their own design and niche target. The new patent filed by the South Korean company at the USPTO shows a foldable smartphone that looks very much like the ZTE Axon M.

Unlike any of the previous patents of foldable smartphones, this one is aimed at hardcore gamers. Besides being able to use the phone's display as a touchpad, the device would also include a stylus, just like the Note series.

From the schematics included in the patent, we can tell the phone comes with two separate displays rather than a single, foldable one. However, it does feature a foldable design since the hinge holding together the two parts of the phone allows them to fold inwards.

It's not really a stylish design, but Samsung may have something else in mind. Perhaps the South Korean handset maker plans to refine this foldable form factor into something that will look more streamlined. What do you guys think?

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